Hey there lovely,

 I know right now we are navigating through some unfamiliar territory and at first everyones  reaction was, " quick grab the toilet paper" and now after a few weeks of being at home we are contemplating grabbing that box dye your stylist always warns you not to grab!

Well this is why I have found a solution to help you all from creating a color correction for your stylist, and help cover those stubborn little grey hairs I refer to as, "tinsel"  by offering you, your very own at home root touch up kits! Thats right you read that correct, its like the hair gods are answering all your prayers! Happy coloring and I will see you all very soon!



At Home Color

 Retouch Kit 

About the process

This at home professional color is not intended for extreme, drastic  color change, or to lighten your hair, but simply to help keep those grey stubborn hairs in check while away from the salon! This kit is good to use up to two times and will come with all the tools needed to perform a retouch service such as: a tint bowl, tint brush, gloves, a cap, directions, and an exclusive video tutorial I have designed just for you!  The total cost for this product is $45.00 and  will be shipped to you between 5-7 business days. Please answer the questionnaire and leave any additional comments so we can professionally prescribe the correct color for you!

Color Match Questionnaire 
What is your natural root color?
What percentage of grey do you have?
Have you use box dye in the past 3 months?
What all over color are you currently?

Thanks for submitting!